Andasibe Perinet National Park Guide - information and photographs about Perinet Andasibe Park - Lemurs, Indri, Chameleons and Rain forest as well as accommodation in Perinet Andasibe for holiday travel. Whatever your need to know about Andasibe Perinet Park Madagasca we will help you.

Perinet Andasibe Park Madagascar

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Andasibe Perinet National Park Madagascar

(130 km to the east of Antananarivo, on the road to Toamasina) About 138km to the east of Antananarivo along RN2, Andasibe National Park is the most visited of the Protected Areas

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Accommodation in the Andasibe Perinet National Park Area

It actually comprises two parts:
The Mantadia Park and the Analamazaotra reserve of Indri.

A real treasure in terms of fauna, Andasibe hosts 11 species of lemurs of which the biggest , the Indri Indri, is easily spotted because of its impressive shrieks. It cannot bear being in captivity, so it can be admired only in its natural milieu.

The park also shelters several species of birds, reptiles, insects and batrachians. As for its flora, it is the luxuriant vegetation of tropical forests with several varieties of ferns, epihyts, sacred creepers, orchids and dwarf palm trees.

The park has an interpretation centre as well as places laid out for a picnic.
It is the most visited hotspot for ecotourism and includes the Special Reserve of Analamazaotra (810ha) and the Mantadia National Park (15 000ha).

Things to do when visiting Andasibe Perinet National Park
· Indri tours: Indri I , 2 km (less than 2h) –Indri II, 3,5 km (less than 4 h)
· Botanical tour: Leads to the orchids’ park.Tree species with their names on tags to make identification easy - Orchids in blossom in October-November.
· Sacred Falls and Rianasoa tours: Marked out on a secured route across lush vegetation
· Tsakoka tour: At the far edge of the Park public area.


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