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Hotel du Louvre Antananarivo

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Hotel du Louvre Reservations:

The Hotel du Louvre is a large hotel located in the central business areas of Antananarivo, and gives spectacular views of the city.

This upmarket hotel has 60 air-conditioned rooms, some of which come with a terrace. The rooms have in them a television with satellite channel access, a minibar, a safe, direct telephone, data-processing lines: modem/fax, and internet access.
The hotel has a restaurant that serves delicacies of both Malagasy, and international cuisine.

The Hotel du Louvre has a health and fitness room for those guests who wish to get some exercise, and there is also a massage room for leisure and relaxation, where guests will get massages by professionals.
There is also a conference room which can host a maximum of 40 people, with a Wifi connection and all the neccessary equipment (paperboard, overhead projector, video projector).

* Restaurant
* Massage room
* Health and fitness room
* Television with satellite
* Internet access
* Conference room

* Tour of Antananarivo and other places such as the Zoma,
* Visit the Avenue de l'Indépendence
* Tour of Queen Ranavalona palace
* Visit the Tsimbazaza zoo
* Visit Ambohimanga and its palace
* Visit the local craft markets
* Visit semi and precious stones markets

Hotel du Louvre Reservations: