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Perinet Andasibe National Park Central East Madagascar

Indri Andasibe Madagascar

Perinet Andasibe Photos

A real treasure in terms of fauna, Andasibe hosts 11 species of lemurs of which the biggest the Indri Indri, is easily spotted because of its impressive shrieks. The park also shelters species of birds, reptiles, insects and batrachians. As for its flora, it is the luxuriant vegetation of tropical forests with several varieties of ferns, epihyts, sacred creepers, orchids and dwarf palm trees. The closest park to Antanananrivo.
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Montagne D'Ambre National Park North Madagascar

Waterfalls craters lemurs chameleons and more at Montagne D Ambre

Perinet Andasibe Photo

Montagne d'Ambre is located near Joffreville (Ambohitra), about 27 km southwest of Diego Suarez (Antsiranana).
Montagne d'Ambre (Ambre Mountain) is an isolated patch of mountain forest that rises from the surrounding dry region. The park is famous for its waterfalls, crater lakes, and wildlife. Montagne d'Ambre is made up of montane rainforest, mid-altitude rainforest, and dry deciduous forest. It has broad easy trails.
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Ranomafana National Park Madagascar

Sshy timid but very cute Bamboo Lemurs of Ranomafan National park Madagascar

Perinet Andasibe Photo

.Ranomafana is mountainous, with steep slopes and elevations ranging from 600 – 1400m. The range of altitudes allows for different forest types, from lowland rainforest to cloud forest and high plateau forest. Ranomafana National Park is a particularly rich and beautiful mid-altitude montane rainforest reserve in south eastern Madagascar. The park was created in 1991 to protect the critically endangered Golden Bamboo lemur, discovered by Dr. Patricia Wright.
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