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Amarina Hotel Nosy Be

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Amarina Hotel

Amarina Hotel rooms:
15 rooms superior "Fahatelo" and 5 junior suites "Manantany" divided in 5 new supplementary bungalows.
The Amarina has finished a new phase of expansion of the structure to reach a total number of 58 rooms.

The unveiling will follow the rules of the local "Mpijorotany" who lives in the near village of Amporaha. (Local wizard who talks to the ancestral spirits).
This ceremony consists of the sacrifice of a Zebu (sacred and venerated animal) following the local and customary tradiction to bless the earth, and to give a good wish for the prosperity and future.

Following the malgascian religion the human being have a close relationship for the whole life with the spirits of their dead relatives and every important events will lead a celebration of the spirits, Which provides the holy order: building a house or a dug-out canoe, wedding, harvesting or other important events.

The renunciation of the cult can lead you to illness, accident or catastrophes.The and the offerring prayers as the scarifice of an animal is something spectacular of the cerimony. The traditional belief evoke only one God, creator of the universe and called Zanahary, for that reason the malgascian prefer to talk with the ancestral divinity who protect life on earth. The importance of prohibition or fady still alive and control the whole day life. To break the fady imply punishment as a violation custom..

Amarina Hotel Reservations: