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Coco Plage Nosy Be Madagascar

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Tucked at the end of the beach but close to the village Coco Plage is a good choice for divers and younger people who enjoy some village life but like a peaceful place to sleep

Coco Plage Nosy Be

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Located Ambatoloaka, the main seaside village on the island of Nosy Be, 11 kilometers from Hell-Ville, the hotel is a charming complex of rooms and suites harmoniously arranged along the beach and a nice garden.

The rooms feature all the comforts for a relaxing holiday or sport, depending on your wanted item! The suites on the floor and facing the sea are spacious and beautifully decorated with local materials.

Near your hotel you will find a very friendly atmosphere typical of the island scents with its restaurants, huts along the beach and exotic shops. At night the village is lively but happily nothing disturbs your peace when you are comfortably sleeping in your room.

Located in the beach or scattered in a charming tropical garden rooms and suites at the Coco Beach Hotel are tastefully decorated and feature all the comforts for a relaxing holiday or sport!

Breakfast is served on an exotic large open terrace on the beach and the sea

- 2 air-conditioned luxury suites
- 7-conditioned garden side rooms with shower and toilet
- 4 air-conditioned rooms next to sea with shower and toilet

On the island:
Nosy Be offers many opportunities for outings. The road to the north after crossing the village Dzamandzar where you can visit the rum distillery, leads to the beautiful beach Andilana.

A few kilometers Andilana, we discover the Mont Passot overlooking several volcanic lakes where crocodiles are heated on the banks, and where you can admire the most beautiful sunsets in the Indian Ocean. The nature reserve Lokobe deserves a visit not to mention Hell Town, the historic center with its colonial architecture and colorful indoor market and fragrant.

You can explore the island by car light perfumes or 4x4, ATV or motorcycle. Several forms of hiking trails are also offered by specialized providers located near the hotel.

Around the island, Nosy Be is not only an end point, it is also a starting point to the many tropical islands that surround it: Tanikely (national park underwater), Nosy Komba (l The island of lemurs), Nosy Iranja (Turtle Island) ...

Diving, clear waters and tropical hot spots numerous and diverse, where there are several hundred species of fish ... It would be foolish not to dive in Nosy Be and on small islands that surround it, day and night. Nosy Be is indeed a dream destination for lovers of diving and underwater exploration.
Several dive centers have taken up residence near Coco Beach, beginning with Tropical Diving offering a wide range of outputs appropriate for all levels.

Fishing, Washed by the Mozambique Channel to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east, come discover the fishing paradise. For those who prefer both the love of nature and passion for fishing, this shrine to "poppers" is for you ... The popper is both sporty and dramatic.
Fishing enthusiasts find year-round varieties of fish per season and will try all the techniques, popper, bottom fishing, trawling ...

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