Madagascar is a very photogenic country with beautiful people, landscapes, plants, flowers and rare animals and insects. Photography in Madagascar s not always easy though..... people are sill superstitious and shy while light in the madagascar rain forests make photos difficult, and insects and animals have this habit of moving.

Photographs of Madagascar

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path through the rainforest andasibe madagscar


Photographs of Madagascar

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Bamboo lemur MadagascarBamboo Lemurs are small shy cute Lemurs that communicate with small quiet squeaks.




Madagascar Rainforest The Rainforests of Madagascar are wonderful and beautiful places. Wander amongst Primary and secondary forest enjoying the sounds and feelings of the ancient rainforest.




Andasibe Village MadagscarThe Main street of the Village of Andasibe Madagascar showing a typical two storey house made from local wood.




Madagascar rainforest Primary rainforest of Madagascar




beach at Nosy Be MadagascarThe quiet beautiful beach on Nosy Be Island.




Zebu and Malagasy strolling through rainforestZebu are the cattle of Madagascar and very important to the way of life.




Antananarivo Madagascars CapitalAntananarivo or 'Tana' as it is known locally is Madagascars bustling capital city, set among the hills of the central highlands.




traditonal madagascar kitchenMost local Malagasy people cook with an open fire, rice is the staple diet along with fruit, vegatables, Zebu (local beef) and seafood on the coast.




People of MadagascarHouses of Madagscar are made of whatever is available locally, this one is typical of the forested areas where they construct two story wooden houses.